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The CecogAnalyzer package comes with batteries included.

The demo data contains:

  • Settings
    • demo_settings.conf, the settings file which is loaded on startup
    • graph_primary.xml, an example for a graph definition file (H2b)
    • graph_secondary.xml, an example for a graph definition file (Tubulin)
  • Classifiers
    • The class definition and sample annotations to train a full classifier the larger data set.
    • SVM models to test the H2b and aTubulin classifiers
  • Raw images

H2B-Tubulin data set

The demo data included in the installer contains only a hand full of images i.e. 10 time frames. Please download the bigger H2B-Tubulin mage set  for:

  • Classifier training and cross validation
  • Event selection
  • Error correction

It contains 206 frames with ~3.6 min. time-lapse. Use the same settings except for the parameter Duration [post]. It is recommended to increase it to 35 frames.

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